viernes, 22 de mayo de 2009

At least is really FRINGE

The last chapter of the first season of Fringe was really amazing.

All of us could understand what made Walter and Peter have that behaviour in their relationship.
Now we could understand why Peter didn’t remember anything of his childhood, he’s not our Peter, he’s the other. The one who makes that …this reality or “the other”, or this is “the other”.
Too much questions waiting for the next season.

Olivia is THE POINT, because she was one of the test subject and is also today, for William Bell and Walter Bishop, because of the application of the CORTEXIPHAN. The challenge of their idea that children would be able to save the World. In Florida they had made tests with some children.

Olivia began to meet with them along the first season, one of them was killed by her. All of them don’t were able to reach the point that Olivia does. All these childs where tested to know if the CORTEXIPHAN would make people perfect to move into the two worlds without any problem.
If one of them could passs to the other World without any problem would be considered THE SOLDIER.

I think that Olivia is just one same person in this World and in the other cause she has developed the abbility to move into the two worlds because of the CORTEXIPHAN. So I think she is the perfect result of Willlian and Walter experiment.